When Do I Need a Building Permit in Victoria?

Recently, the number of developments being built and the volume of existing properties being renovated have skyrocketed in our state. Building permits in Victoria are in high demand and there are plenty of keen people looking forward to moving into their dream homes. This is good news, because as the number of development and renovations continue to grow, we are further creating an environment in which we will continue to see improvements in architecture, housing, and innovation—both aesthetically and functionally.

If you are looking to play a part in our future and planning to build, you will more than likely need to obtain a building permit in Victoria first. Building permits simply ensure that any work being done fulfils a criteria that benefits everyone. Building permits have been designed to keep all building works in Victoria ecologically friendly.

If you are unsure whether or not you require building approvals and are renovating or developing; it is a wise idea to find out more. Today, we share some information with you to help point you in the right direction. Before submitting your building permit application in Victoria, it is will benefit you to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of a permit and if/when you need it.

What is the Purpose of a Building Permit?     

In essence, a building permit is an approval granted to a property owner, allowing them to legally make renovations or build. In Australia, there are strict guidelines that require you have your property and development plans assessed by someone qualified—to ensure that the health, safety, and structural integrity of a building meets regulation. It is also designed to check whether or not property plans are abiding by environmental, heritage and planning regulations.

In order to regulate this, there is state based legislation is in place. This legislation clearly lays out what is required from the property owner when building, and provides guidance regarding whether or not a permit is required and what is allowed to be done. A good building surveyor will give you guidance and work with you to make sure that you’re on the right path.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

A building permit is in most cases required before any building work takes place, with the only exception being alterations that fall into the category of minor building work. Minor building work is defined in section 8 of Building Regulations 2006. Put broadly, if building work will not “adversely affect the structural soundness of the building” and “will not adversely affect the safety of the public occupiers of the building”, then it may be exempt from requiring a building permit.

Pretty much all other building work will necessitate that you obtain a building permit. This is especially true if you are undertaking renovations that will modify the shape or structure of your building, including demolishing or installing new internal walls. If you are adding new door openings or windows to your property, chances are that you are going to need a building permit. This is also the case when it comes to adding new structures, e.g. pergolas and carports.

Where Can I get a Building Permit and What is the Process?

You can get a building permit by applying for it with a building surveyor, who can either be a private building surveyor or a municipal building surveyor. At Online Permit Solutions, we are private building surveyors. One of the biggest advantages of using a private building surveyor to obtain your permit is that they tend to have a quicker turnaround time .

If you use Online Permit Solutions to get building approval, the process is extremely quick and effortless. As we are based online, you only need to visit our website to begin your application. Thanks to our custom built software, we issue approvals up to 50% faster.

If you want advice in regards to your permit or have any questions, contact our team on 03 8582 8500.