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So, you’re gearing up to start building works and you’re wondering what role a building permit plays in the bigger picture. It’s a good thing to wonder because skipping over a building permit can cost you much more down the track. The good news it that by reading this article, you are setting yourself up for a much less stressful and safer building works process. Getting the right building permit means that you are legally securing yourself and ensuring all bases are covered.

Are you aware that the best way today to get building approval is online? More than ever now, building permits in Melbourne are in high demand, and it seems that everyone can see the undeniable benefits of improvement through development and renovation. The benefits of doing your application online are endless and include a fast turnaround time. At Online Permit solutions, we provide a reliable and efficient online building permit application service, and when you submit your application using it, you will get the pleasure of experiencing one of the easiest and most effortless building approval processes around today.

Why are Building Permits Required?

To understand why not getting a building permit can mean big repercussions for a property owner, you must first understand the necessary reasons for why building approvals exist. A building permit means that a project is in line with appropriate state regulation in regards to safety, health and structural integrity. As you can see by now, a building permit assures that building works are holistic and take everyone into account. It also verifies that a project is ecological and in line with environmental, heritage, and planning regulations.

To be more particular, a building permit makes sure that a few critical requirement in the building process are met. Firstly, building approvals ensure that any involved building practitioners are registered and insured, and it goes without saying—this is important for countless reasons! Next, a building permit ensures that the building work being done is independently inspected at each key stage of the process—mostly to protect all parties involved. A building permit also means that the construction of a building is compliant and all appropriate documentation is prepared. Finally, it makes sure that a building is independently assessed as suitable for occupation. 

If I Still Don’t Get a Building Permit, What Happens?

Failure to get a building permit means that you could be violating regulation that is in place to ensure safety, health and structural integrity. Without a permit, it is also possible that a property owner could be conducting building works in a way that are not ecological and to the detriment of others, the environment, and heritage and planning regulations. The building works process could also become more risky as without a permit there is a higher chance of working with practitioners and inspectors that have separate agendas and are potentially not registered and insured.

In terms of penalties, a land owner in Victoria who is choosing to build without a building permit is subject to a penalty of up to $75,835 and a body corporate is subject to a penalty of up to $379,175. If on the other hand, a building practitioner or architect has been engaged to carry out building work, they are responsible for ensuring that a building permit has been issued and is in force for that building work; and that all work complies with the the Building Act/s.

How Do I Get a Building Permit?

Building permits are obtainable from building surveyors, either private or municipal. At Online Permit Solutions we provide our clients with an efficient online permit approval process. Our custom designed software solution allows us to issue approvals 50% faster and all applications and documents are trackable throughout each stage of the process.

If you’re ready to get your building permit or simply want precise, professional regulatory and general building guidance from one of our team members, call us on 03 8582 8500.