Why refer contact to us for Building Permit?

    • Leverage the Power of Word-of-Mouth
      82% of people seek recommendations, and 74% identify word-of-mouth as a key influence in their final decision.
    • Referrals are the Gold Standard
      Research has repeatedly shown that referred customers close faster, buy more, and stay longer than non-referred customers
    • Carefree Income
      If you’re not seeking ways to generate additional income, you’re likely ignoring opportunities right under your nose.

So if you know people who are either directly involved in current or upcoming building projects requiring approvals or indirectly involved in property and building, ie – Architects, Draftspersons, Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Brokers, Engineers, etc. Then why not leverage your contact database to create additional personal revenue for yourself without hardly lifting a finger. Our referral rebates can go as high as 30% (subject to membership approval) of the overall approval consultancy fees depending on scale of a particular project.

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