Lazaros Mavridis
Lazaros MavridisFounder & National Compliance Director
I am a qualified building surveyor and inspector with over 25 years experience in building control within the private sector.
Vince Arborea
Vince ArboreaSenior Building Surveyor/Manager
I have over 27 years experience in liaising and negotiating with various professionals on many projects and brings to the table differing skills

Our Valuable Team Members

Thang Ho
Thang HoSenior Building Code Consultant
I have over 10 years experience spanning in both municipal and private sector within the building & construction profession. This includes experience within various disciplines of the industry from client side, consultancy & governance. My project experience ranges from retail, industrial, residential, government to high end mixed use development from conceptual design phase through to completion.
Lindsay Anne Inocencio
Lindsay Anne InocencioTeam Leader, Building Code Compliance
I have been a team leader for 4 years and it is with great pleasure to say that it is a fulfilling job as it opens doors to new experiences and opportunities to meet people of different ages and cultures. I spend most of my time reading self help books and watching short motivational clips. I aim to propel my people to become better than their yesterday’s selves thus doing the same for myself.
I love working with OPS because it is never dull; every day I learn new things and it challenges me to become better than yesterday. It further develops my keen observation, attention to details, people skills, communications, confidence and many more.
Leover Gulipardo
Leover GulipardoCompliance Quality Analyst
I am a Quality Analyst with over 8 years experience in auditing data entry, customer service, and sales transactions within the BPO Industry. In general, I love dealing with complicated problems and thinking of process improvements in terms of Quality Assurance. I love working for Online Permit Solutions because they bring out my problem solving expertise in assessing each application. Other than that, work and life balance is evident. We work as a family towards one goal, and that is to make our customers happy.
My motto in life is “Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”
Lance Tecson
Lance TecsonTraining and Compliance Analyst
Each individual has their own calling, I believe mine is in developing and influencing other people positively. I believe that making it fun and interactive is the best way to do it. I usually hang out with friends doing karaoke as part of my stress reliever activity. I believe that my job allows me to maintain work-life balance and I am able to enjoy working with talented and fun loving people here in OPS.

Paul Brillantes
Paul BrillantesBuilding Code Compliance Officer
Working in the BPO industry for 5 years, handling different types of businesses and working with the Building and Construction Industry is quite new to me. But I love challenges! Embracing challenges and difficulties makes me strong and stand in front of everyone. Day by day I learn and step by step I’m getting closer towards being an expert in this field. As Lazaros once said, this business can be a really stressful one so I practice work-life balance. Running in the mountains on weekends or traveling somewhere is my beautiful diversion. And the best thing about OPS? People do really matter. Employees, clients and customers. Because OPS is not just about business. It is about establishing a lifetime relationship with everyone.
Leilani Mendoza
Leilani MendozaBuilding Code Compliance Officer
Hi! I am Leilani Mendoza. You can call me Lei. I have been working in the BPO industry for more than 8 years. I was a Procurement Specialist for 3 years and I was a Senior Customer Service Specialist and Tier 2 Technical Support Representative for more than 5 years. But I can say that I am lucky to be part of the OPS team. I love working with OPS because I am learning new and interesting things and also I enjoy working with the team.
What makes me happy? Spending quality time with my son, Spa, traveling, listening to music and reading books. I love meeting and talking to people. My goal is to have a nice house near the beach and mountains.
Roxanna Maglangit
Roxanna MaglangitBuilding Code Compliance Officer
I studied Education and have decided to work in a different field having a fast and upscale environment. Passionate about interacting with different people, working in the BPO industry is a fit as I adore helping people.
Personally, I am passionate about spending time with my family and friends, finding much pleasure in food trips and sipping my favorite Blueberry Cheesecake Frappe.
Assisting OPS’ incredible customers while working alongside kind, brilliant teammates is indeed thrilling!