How Much Does a Building Permit Cost in Australia?

If you’ve found your way here, you’re on the right path to getting a reliable and accurate building approval at a great price—and it’s a good thing that you’re here. As you read this post, you will realise you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve got plans to renovate your property, or construct a new one, it means that you’re ready to get things rolling. If this is your first time undertaking building works, you will be learning a lot of different things about the process, which will no doubt come via many conflicting pieces of information.

As you may already know, almost everyone who wishes to undertake building works in Victoria will require a building permit. Actually, unless you are undertaking what is considered minor building work, you will find that you must obtain a building permit to legally begin construction. Minor building work is loosely defined as building work that will not “adversely affect the structural soundness of the building” and “will not adversely affect the safety of the public occupiers of the building”. Building Regulations 2006 goes much deeper into the details of minor building work.

When it comes to price, ultimately, the building permit cost will vary depending on the size, scope and depth of your project. At Online Permit Solutions we offer online application for a building permit, meaning that we are able to provide some of the best building approvals cost in Australia.

What Kind of Project Are You Undertaking?

The single biggest determinant in the cost of your building permit/building approval is going to be the type of project you are undertaking. Whether you are simply putting up a pergola or developing a brand new apartment complex—you will require a building permit, and it will most definitely be priced differently depending on the scope of your building works.

Smaller residential projects that do not have a huge impact on structural soundness and don’t affect the property’s surrounds are usually priced in the lower bracket for building approval. The building permit for these projects begins at around $600. These kinds of building works usually include minor home renovations, additions of structures such as carports and other similar alterations. Larger residential projects tend to increase the cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars and up.

On the other end of the scale you have bigger residential or commercial development projects, and more complex renovations. These, based on the individual complexities of each project, can cost more for building approval. When there is construction of a big development from the ground up, costs for building permits tend to cap out around the $3,000 mark. Again, the cost will be in direct relation to the scope and size of the project.

How Can I Find Out Exactly How Much My Building Permit Will Cost?

Now that you know more about the costing, you are probably wondering where to get a price that is specific to your specific project. After all, you want your project to run as smooth as possible—with as little surprises as possible, don’t you? At Online Permit Solutions, we provide an online application for building permits. This means that you can simply contact us and begin the process. Once you have submitted some information about your project, a government registered expert from the team will promptly calculate the cost and requirements of your building permit and get back to you as soon as possible.

For years, our team here at Online Permit Solutions has worked around the clock to make the process of obtaining building approval better. We have done this in many ways, including the implementation of next-day building inspections, providing both residential and commercial approvals, refining the electronic submissions process and making use of exceptional custom designed software to issue approvals 50% faster.

As you sit here reading this article, you may find that the best option for you is to go to and begin the application process, or you can call a member from our team on 03 8582 8500 in order to get some expert advice tailored to your needs.