How Long Does It Take To Get a Building Permit

So, you’re looking to build and you need building approvals in Australia. If you do you research, you will find that there are many different options available to you today. There are many different registered organisations offering building permits in Victoria, and it is important that you find the one that is right for you, especially if you plan on developing more properties in the future. Long term relationships between building surveyors and clients are common as more and more people are choosing to become involved in property development. With this in mind, it needn’t take long to acquire building approvals in Victoria, Australia. At Online Permit Solutions, you can completely submit your application online and have your permit up to 50% faster. If you fill in the form on our website, you can have a building permit cost quote delivered to you as soon as possible. Today, we discuss a few key factors that come into play in regards to how long it will take for you to get a building permit in Victoria.

Project Span

Are you building a residential home, a commercial building, developing a set of townhouses, or something else? Naturally, some building projects are much wider in their span than others and will have different requirements. Each project, based on its size and scope may require you to submit various levels of documentation. For example, a commercial apartment block will require more documentation than a residential home being privately built.

Building Surveyor

When it comes to obtaining your building permit, it must be done through a building surveyor. Within the building surveyor category, there are two options. You can either enlist the services of a private building surveyor or a municipal building surveyor. If you are looking for a quick turnaround time, chances are that you will need to use a private building surveyor. In general, private building surveyors obtain permits in a shorter time frame than municipal building surveyors.

Do you have all your ducks lined up?

A very important thing to make sure is that all your documentation is correct and has been diligently checked. If what you submit has errors in it, or anything that will prevent you from being able to acquire a building permit, you may need to redo your documentation and then re-submit it . This can add on to the time it will take for you to get a permit.

Regardless of what you are building, as long as you ensure your documents are all in order, the process can be completed relatively quickly. If you would like a free quote, don’t hesitate to fill our contact us form or call us on 03 8582 8500.

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