Gastronomy marketing – tips that can be implemented by anyone

The restaurant industry was hit particularly hard during the Corona pandemic, no question about it! Well-running companies with many regular customers suddenly had to rethink. After all, if customers no longer come to your premises, then you have to be proactive in order to at least be able to supply them. Many have expanded their gastronomy marketing to include social media strategy from sydney. Especially those that don’t want to fork over a large percentage of each purchase to appropriate intermediary platforms.

Marketing in the catering trade consists of many individual parts. Offline as well as online, a lot has to be done to make the potential customer aware of one’s own offer. Particularly in recent years, a lot has changed in this regard. Because with the rise of rating platforms, the customer’s search and selection has changed fundamentally. From a marketing perspective, adapting to the changed search and buying behavior of customers will be one of the key factors in attracting new customers to your own halls in the coming years.

But: the changes in gastronomy marketing don’t have to mean all bad! Because especially the social media channel Instagram is actually made for the gastronomy! After all, users here are primarily addressed via visuals. And the hashtag #foodporn has now also established itself in the older target groups. Within seconds, the best friend is linked under the post from the restaurant “around the corner”, with the golden addition “We absolutely have to go eat here sometime!”.

In addition, there are marketing opportunities that many restaurateurs are not even aware of. Often, the supposed effort to get involved in such topics is simply too great. But there are some tips & tricks in gastronomy marketing that can be implemented by anyone with manageable effort – promised!

Online marketing in gastronomy – these communication channels are relevant
Online marketing is multi-faceted, even in the restaurant industry. So it first needs to develop a basic understanding of the topics. Nevertheless, this effort does not mean that you should stop yourself from finally starting. Marketing in gastronomy is not about doing the hard things right away, but about understanding and mastering the basics. Just Basics should tackle everyone – alone from the point of view of an entrepreneur.

Homepage – still the first point of contact for guests
Are there still businesses today that don’t have a website? If so, hopefully restaurateurs are not among them! The own homepage should be a firm component of the own marketing strategy. For the potential guest this is very often the last place before he decides for or against an order at the respective restaurant.

Here, a last look at the menu is taken and the phone number is selected. In addition again a little to the restaurant itself read through. This “touchpoint” with one’s own company can literally make the difference between success and failure. Too silly if the potential customer doesn’t even get to choose because the company doesn’t have its own website! The site itself doesn’t have to be elaborately made and cost tons of money. A slim and modern site, with the most important functions and a good loading speed are enough. The main thing is to make the effort to take this step. Customers will thank you for it!

Google My Business as the holy grail of gastronomy marketing
It’s not just the gastronomy industry that can’t get around Google My Business! Here there is now hardly an industry, which one can not recommend to lead a well-maintained Google My Business profile. Again, the changed search and buying behavior is “to blame”. Every day, over 5.5 billion search queries are made on Google worldwide. Many of these are, of course, looking for the nearest restaurant in their own city. And since Google’s sole mission is to provide us with the best answers as quickly as possible, its algorithm acts accordingly.

The problem from a restaurant marketing perspective is that you almost can’t be found by new customers if you’re not represented here. Because, if a large part of the searches of “hungry” nowadays starts here, then your own restaurant must be represented here. And nothing only that! In order to generate good placements, the own profile should be maintained. This means to publish picture and video material of the own meals, besides from the own restaurant. And of course also regularly ensuring positive reviews. Because those in particular are an important factor influencing your own ranking.

Knowing and using other rating portals
This point is also connected with the own homepage. As described in the paragraph, this is important, but no longer as important as it once was. By the introduction of evaluation portals the relevance of the own web page – and thus also of the topic search machine optimization – in the own catering trade marketing concept was reduced piece by piece. Not with regard to the regular customers, but rather with regard to the acquisition of new customers.

You can test this yourself. Just search Google for the terms “restaurant” in combination with a city. While individual websites used to be at the top here, now it’s rating portals, plus Google My Business. The same applies if we narrow down the search a bit and look for “Greek restaurant Mannheim”, for example. Here, too, we first find Google My Business, as well as at least two rating portals.

Conversely, this means that you should be familiar with these portals on the one hand, and on the other, that you should establish a well-groomed presence here. An important evaluation criterion for the portals is above all the topic of topicality. In other words, collecting reviews is not a one-off action, but should be incorporated into your own marketing strategy on an ongoing basis.

Social media marketing in the catering trade – an absolutely mandatory topic
Often still underestimated in gastronomy marketing is still the relevance of social media. These are used by the potential customers namely not only in the everyday life, but quite also as “source of the inspiration” seen – also which concerns the search for restaurants! Facebook now has around 32 million monthly active users in Australia. In addition, there are over 21 million users on Instagram. The likelihood that they are also interested in restaurants in their area is quite high!

This does not mean that restaurateurs should hire a social media manager. But you can do a lot better by at least covering the “basics” fully and well. Upload your own menu to Facebook. Continuously posting visually appealing pictures of one’s food on Instagram. The last step alone can make your followers want to eat at your restaurant and make their mouths water.

For this purpose, the option to share stories on Instagram should also be used again and again. This is precisely what users like to use! Here you can take people behind the scenes and let them take a look at the food. Or simply remind them that you also deliver on weekends. Gastronomy marketing is not difficult in this context and lives above all from continuity or the simple things that can be implemented for everyone.

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