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From Germany to Australia
I initially thought I could find a job from Germany. However, I quickly found that this was difficult or impossible despite having a good level of English, a resume well established in my field, and a lot of determination. I did get responses to my applications, but when I suggested an interview via Skype, I was ignored despite my reminder emails. I quickly realized that I needed to be on site to try my luck.

My applications to a variety of job ads from Germany helped me a lot when I arrived in Sydney. I had even compiled a list of contacts, including headhunters, who all added me to their files during my first week here. With a valid work visa, like the Work and Holiday Visa, none of this was a problem. There were some open positions.
It is crucial that you have already gained work experience in the desired industry in Germany. It is even better if you have also worked in Australia, even if it is not the industry in question. Often you should also provide references (contact details of your former employers or managers).

How to apply effectively
To find a job in offices or “admin jobs”, it is obviously necessary to prepare your resume and adapt it to Australian standards. All info here: Australian resume writing

But that’s not all!

Job sites like Seek and Indeed as well as LinkedIn Jobs have helped me a lot. There are two cases:

  1. the recruiting company has directly posted an ad online.
    You send your resume and cover letter to a “real person”, either the hiring manager or your potential supervisor. This way is personal and you can customize your application to that person.
    The ad takes you to the company’s official website and asks you to create a profile and complete your application. Personally, I was never contacted again as a result and have given up on this type of time-consuming application.
    You automatically apply by clicking on the jobs page.
  2. A recruiting firm (or headhunter) has created the job posting for their client (the company that is hiring).
    This is ideal because you enter your data into the recruiting company’s database. You can also ask for transport companies in sydney to find a good job. Based on your data, they will then contact you in the future when they have a suitable offer.

Personally, I’ve always had much more positive feedback when working with recruiters. These are all competing for the same job opportunities, with the goal of “placing” you in a company to earn a commission. Therefore, I recommend applying through headhunters. They usually negotiate a better salary and also value building a long-term relationship with you.

To maximize the chances of getting feedback, I applied to dozens of job offers that more or less matched my profile. It’s very easy to lose track of everything in the process. So I created an Excel list with all the offers, links to ads, dates of my applications and reminder emails.

I also spontaneously contacted people on LinkedIn whose profiles interested me. This allowed me to ask people directly for advice or learn about the company. In fact, it was so helpful that I found my third job this way. With determination and a little luck, you can never give up!

Interviews were set up quickly. They often took place first at the recruitment agency and then at the companies directly.

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