At Online Permit Solutions, we believe that understanding statutory obligations in your given state or territory is key to developing appropriate compliance and risk management strategies. For those responsible for buildings in numerous states and/or territories, familiarity with the statutory obligations of each individual area is crucial.

Many property owners/managers depend on industry experts to address their statutory obligations regarding safety. Because commercial leases are often riddled with general clauses (especially when it comes to obligations like fire safety), it’s important to ensure that you’re 100% in compliance with local state/territory jurisdictions. In the event of a discrepancy between a lease and its relevant legislation, property owners/managers may need to revise contracts accordingly.

OnlinePS has developed a highly effective and personalised tool for maintaining essential services, the Essential Services Compliance Assessment. With this tailored reporting system, property owners/managers are given access to up-to-date documents and procedures, so they’re always in compliance with their state or territory’s legislative requirements.

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