Due Diligence Reports are typically created pending the sale of a property or portfolio properties. Their primary purpose is to examine and verify key factors, and form the basis of negotiations between the seller and buyer. Completing a Due Diligence exercise greatly reduces the risk associated with buying a property (or numerous properties).

Due Diligence Reports typically include a detailed review of the following:

    • Research findings on local government and company records to establish accuracy and relevance of all approved documentation.
    • An inspection of all approved documentation and legal documents to establish validity.
    • The registering and review of installed plant equipment via Audit Assets Maintenance.
    • A comprehensive review and audit of building operating equipment, such as fire sprinkler installations, electrical substations, mechanical and hydraulic installations, lifts and escalators.
    • An audit of relevant regulatory compliance certificates to verify legality.
    • Thorough inspection and reportings on the physical condition of the premises.
    • Broad market and industry considerations.
  • A review of risk management procedures, as well as ongoing risk evaluation tactics.

A Due Diligence Report prepared by OnlinePS can reduce overall risk exposure to a potential purchaser, while acting as an effective capital expenditure control tool for the property owner/manager.

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