Curious criminal cases: The ten biggest misadventures of crooks in 2021

Many a “hoodlum coup” has backfired this year as well. According to the motto: First no luck, then bad luck came along.

A serial robber with pitifully puny loot, burglars who fell asleep or got trapped, or a peeping tom with a resounding effect: some crooks, criminals and misguided people failed miserably in 2021. A ranking of the biggest mishaps:

Rank 10: Suspected of peeping, a teenager is injured in November in Bad Vilbel. The 17-year-old climbs onto the roof of a shed and wants to look into a residential building. The Plexiglas roof collapses under the load and the young man flies up. A neighbor holds him until the police arrive. At first, the officers assume that it was a burglar. However, during the investigation it turns out that “obviously rather the inclination to voyeurism was his motive for the unsuccessful climbing action,” as the police report.

Rank 9: Well, he’s not a criminal, but peeing on the dance floor – that’s not proper. A drunken club-goer from Wiesbaden is caught in an August night in Mainz nevertheless thereby. He also urinates on the leg of another guest and even on the music system. The consequences: No more sound, the manager closes the club, party ends. The wild pisser proves to be unruly. He has to be handcuffed by the police and is finally escorted out.

Rank 8: With stoic composure, a pensioner in southern Hesse rebuffs a robber. On a Saturday in July, they are both standing in the vestibule of a bank branch in Trebur-Geinsheim. At the printer for the account statements, the masked man threatens him with a pistol. Demand: withdraw $1,000, now! “I’m too old for that,” counters the 86-year-old quick-wittedly. The robber was so taken aback by this reaction that he fled without having achieved anything.

Rank 7: A lot of effort, little return: A robber in Frankfurt did not have a good hand. He commits a series of crimes within four hours – but his haul turns out to be meager: In a supermarket, he gets hold of ten euros. He gets the same amount when he holds a knife to a passerby. At the main train station, he steals a donation box containing eight euros and a tuna roll. In February, he is sentenced by a court.

6th place: A bicycle thief on the run bumps into the owner of the stolen bike. The 48-year-old is waiting at a streetcar stop in Kassel – because he no longer owns a bike. When the thief passes by, he has the presence of mind to stop him and takes the loot back from him. According to the police, the thief only had one hour’s pleasure with the stolen bike. But he escapes – by streetcar.

5th place: While fleeing from the police, a 45-year-old shoplifter in Hamm crashed his bicycle into a patrol car – he had more than 50 cans of tuna fish in his luggage. The damage amounted to 1,600 dollars. The man, who was on drugs, did not tell the police what he intended to do with all the tuna.

4th place: A drunk and wanted minibus driver was caught by police during a checkpoint near Darmstadt in May. After running out of gas on the Autobahn 5, he stops on the hard shoulder and takes a nap. When the police came to check him, he made another mistake: the officers recognized his driver’s license as a forgery. He has to blow and is pulled out of circulation with a blood alcohol level of 1.3. On top of that, it turns out that the man is wanted on a warrant.

3rd place: In April, a burglar also had to lie down in a daycare center in Kassel. The man broke in and, according to police reports, stole some small change, a banana and some lollipops. Because of a lumbago, the man later explains, he lies down to rest. The next morning, the kindergarten teachers make the unusual discovery and see the burglar blissfully slumbering in a corner of the children’s cuddle.

2nd place: An unusual burglary keeps the police busy in January in North Hesse. Unknown persons break the window of a vacant apartment. They then make off in the kitchen. The perpetrators prepare a pack of eggs they have brought with them directly on the bare hotplate. Then they disappear empty-handed, but leave a mess in the apartment, which was empty except for the kitchenette. The stove is ruined after the egg action.

1st place: Things go really badly for a petty criminal in Frankfurt in October. The man (53) breaks into a car, gets in and is then locked in by the automatic door lock. He is just about to search the glove compartment for valuables when the locks – “clack” – close. Passersby become aware of the man’s convulsive attempts to get out of the car. They call the police.

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