Our regulation and audit compliance services focus on areas with a high risk of non-compliance. An investigation and audit is performed on the building, with an emphasis on:

  • Pinpointing and contacting individuals or businesses currently operating within the building and construction sectors.
  • Recognising clients who may not fully understand their compliance regime, using a program of desk and field audits.
  • Identifying clients, providers, or stakeholders with a repeat pattern of non-compliance.
  • Ensuring those clients who are obligated to lodge levy returns do so in a timely manner.
  • Enabling early identification and follow-up for clients with overdue payments and/or data submission.

Non-compliance is detected through a range of activities, including investigations, field visits and auditing, IT-assisted research, risk analysis, and the matching and mining of data. When permitted, information and audit results are regularly exchanged with external agencies. We also conduct ad-hoc matching programs and swap information with many other agencies.

Cases for audit and investigation are selected from a number of different sources. These includes:

  • Voluntary and anonymous disclosures, as reported to our compliance line.
  • Validation and exception reporting, which identifies inconsistencies presented by clients or complainants.
  • Referrals from other agencies.
  • Verification of our records against third-party information.
  • A randomised audit program to ensure an adequate cross-section of clients is reviewed.

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