It is of paramount importance that building owners are aware of any changes necessary between existing site conditions and current National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) requirements. State and territory legislation only allows the municipal council or the relevant state fire authority to force building upgrades upon an owner.

Compliance Audits allow owners to recognise areas in which their property is not NCC-compliant, and with our suggested building works, make any necessary changes. This way, owners can rest assured that their building is up-to-code and in compliance with all relevant provisions of the state and national legislation, avoiding potential legal proceedings and penalties. Phew!

Our Building Compliance Auditing services include:

    • Inspecting and auditing the extent of non-compliance with the NCC.
    • Identifying major non-conforming items within NCC guidelines.
  • Preparing written reports with recommendations and strategies for areas of regulatory departures.
    • Significant departures (non-existent and/or deficient fire safety measures) can be cited individually in the NCC Audit Report.
  • Detailing work costs associated with the scope of works specifications.
  • Managing project upgrades/rectification work to meet report recommendations.

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