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Gastronomy marketing – tips that can be implemented by anyone

The restaurant industry was hit particularly hard during the Corona pandemic, no question about it! Well-running companies with many regular customers suddenly had to rethink. After all, if customers no longer come to your premises, then you have to be … Continue reading

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SEO for SMEs – Is it worth it at all?

“SEO, that’s only for the big brands”. No, SEO is of course incredibly important for many SMEs as well. However, many SMEs often do not use marketing resources to improve their ranking on Google. They fear a high cost risk. … Continue reading

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Curious criminal cases: The ten biggest misadventures of crooks in 2021

Many a “hoodlum coup” has backfired this year as well. According to the motto: First no luck, then bad luck came along. A serial robber with pitifully puny loot, burglars who fell asleep or got trapped, or a peeping tom … Continue reading

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Working on a construction site in Australia has many advantages. For one thing, you can work in this profession both in the city and in the country. Secondly, these construction jobs are usually well paid (far above the minimum wage … Continue reading

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Industry compact: Construction activity in Australia based on expansion of transport infrastructure

Residential construction offers good opportunities in the medium term / By Heiko StumpfSydney (GTAI) – The mood in the Australian construction industry is divided. Building construction is facing difficult years. Civil engineering faces an upswing as a result of high … Continue reading

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Job search From Germany to AustraliaI initially thought I could find a job from Germany. However, I quickly found that this was difficult or impossible despite having a good level of English, a resume well established in my field, and … Continue reading

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